One Year Of Appsterdam

We want to create the best place in the world to be an App Maker for all App Makers, regardless of platform, occupation, or business model, in Amsterdam and beyond. Our goal is to bring App Makers together, and our mission is to support the interests of App Makers worldwide.

We consider anyone who contributes to the creation of apps, be they engineers, designers, businessmen, lawyers, or marketeers, to be an App Maker.

We are establishing Appsterdam as the world capital of apps, because we believe our industry needs a centre of gravity — a place in the world where all App Makers can gather.

We help App Makers understand and practice community values, such as craftsmanship, quality, diversity, cooperation, and professionalism.

History of Appsterdam

Recently, we celebrated the one year anniversary of the announcement of Appsterdam, when we released our first blog post.


We are proud of the achievements of our first year:

  • Grown to over 1.600 Appsterdammers
  • Over 50 Meeten & Drinken sessions where more than 2.000 App Makers have met and socialised with other App Makers,
  • More than 40 Weekly Wednesday Lunchtime Lectures in front of more than 1.000 App Makers, and provided speaker training to over 35 App Makers
  • Over 12 Family Weekends attended by over than 100 App makers and their families
  • More than a dozen Guru Sessions have given hands-on training to more than 200 App makers
  • Organised two major events — Launch Party and OverWinter — which attracted more than 500 App makers to Amsterdam
  • Communicating with over 3.000 followers on Twitter on a daily basis.

Besides this we have been present at events such as PICNIC, Microsoft’s Tech Days, BlackBerry’s DevCon and mDevCon.

World-wide Influence

Appsterdammers in Amsterdam who have come from Australia, Canada, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, India, Ireland, Italy, Kazakstan, Netherlands, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Sweden, Taiwan, UK, the USA and elsewhere.

We have embassies in Delft, Warsaw, Milan, and Vancouver with more popping up in Munich, Paris, London, Sydney, Denver, Minneapolis, San Francisco and other places. Each of these has been the result of local people in these places wanting to be part of the Appsterdam experience, but they’re unable to be in Amsterdam.

Bringing Talent to Amsterdam

If February this year, we started a program called International Genius Grants, to bring the “A Players” of our industry to Amsterdam, to share knowledge and make friends in the local community. The first Grant recipient was Dom Sagolla, one of the co-creators of Twitter.

Other notable people who have come and spoken at Appsterdam events include: Josh Clark (author ofTapworthy), Graham Lee (security expert and author from O2 in the UK), Aaron Hillegass (founder of Big Nerd Ranch, and author), and Ciara Byrne (international journalist).

Appsterdammers have spread the idea of coming to Amsterdam on conference stages worldwide, at conferences such as NSConf 2012 (UK), 360iDev 2012 (USA), YOW! 2011 (Australia). This has consistently lead to visits from people who want to check out the reality of Appsterdam.

As a direct result of Appsterdam, App Makers and their families who have come to Amsterdam and made it their home. We have programs to help App Makers find housing, work, a network and friends in the City of Amsterdam.

Working with Government and Corporate Organisations

We have raised awareness with Government and Corporate organisations and have helped people and organisations understand and tap into the community, plugged their events and shared our network and address book to make Amsterdam truly the best place in the world to be an App Maker.

We have helped international companies such as Big Nerd Ranch set up shop and find good people.

We regularly cooperate with other organisations, such as the Waag Society, Appril, BlackBerry DevGroup, RailsGirls, Goto Conference, mDevCon, Startup Weekend, EU Hackathon, and the Belastingdienst’s Centrum voor Applicatieontwikkeling en Onderhoud.

We have good relations with University van Amsterdam, helping them with research projects, getting speakers to address classes there, and providing support and advice to their startup incubator project. We have a special relationship with Vacant NL, a masters program from the Sandberg Institute.

The next year

All these things we have been able to do thanks to hard work of our volunteers and the support of many. One year into it, our organisation has grown into something which is bigger than the hand-full of people who started it. We have outgrown what can be managed by just volunteers with a will to make it happen, so we are transforming ourselves into a more professional organisation under the auspices of Stichting Appsterdam.