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AppsterdamGR: Strengthening our ties

Fellow Greek App Makers, 

Last week we were in Athens and joined the 2nd Athenian Meeten and Drinken. Most of the people we met during our time in Greece were there. Others randomly appeared, and some jumped into an airplane to be there just for the night. The event was successful, more than 40 people showed up, had a talk, and shared their thoughts and views. 

We visited Greece for vacations, but while we were there we could not keep ourselves from meeting you. We wanted to let you know about what is happening in Amsterdam, to show you how the Appsterdam community works and to provide you with all the infrastructure and experience we have about setting-up a network organization and grass-roots initiative. Despite the skepticism and second thoughts some of you may initially have had, we think that it worked. We all enjoyed our night and we all made new friends.

But what is coming up next?
Attending to such an event is only the beginning. It is only a way to prove that you are there, that the tech scene in Athens is vibrant and open to new ideas and collaborations. Continuing meeting on a weekly basis will strengthen your community and help us keep in touch with you.

We would like to keep the conversation with you alive, to have a strong Greek community with which we can share our knowledge, send people over and receive people that would like to visit us for a while. We would like to leverage the Greek start-up scene, empower indies and support those who are interested in working with technology, either by helping them partnering-up with people from the tech scene or by amplifying their skills. 

We do that for the same reason we did it here in Amsterdam. Because we want to reinvent our working, social and tech environment, to make it a place where we want to live and work. Appsterdam does not offer a job, it does not offer money and it will not try to convince you on what technology or platform to use. 

The Athenian Embassy is what you will make it to be - it will support and enable any initiative, any idea that is stemming from the community. It will grow organically, along with the people that will bring it to life.

We hope you meet your peers at the Meeten and Drinken tonight, at Tazza D'oro, and to keep in touch with you all!

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