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CIRCA goes to Appsterdam: Project brief

The Creative Industries Research Center Amsterdam (CIRCA) is a program initiatived by the department of Humanities of the UvA and is coordinated by Prof. J. Simons and Dr. S. Olma. CIRCA aims to empower practice based research in the creative industries by embedding researchers in a variety of projects.

Within the context of the CIRCA program, I am collaborating with Appsterdam and AIM for creating a data visualization app about the App Making Ecosystem.

The project's working title is "Visualizing open innovation practices in the App Industry" and the main goal is to collect hard data about the App Industry in Amsterdam and visualize this data in order to answer some core questions: who are the App Makers, their working conditions (indie, companies, startups), what kind of Apps are being produced, platforms they prefer, communities in which they belong, professional networks, how many App Makers are coming from abroad, hot spots, events and so on. 

In doing so, the project aims to contribute in the open innovation dialogue and help identify how open innovation environments can kick off innovation processes. The research aim is not confined to a statistical survey of the app market and software products but also wishes to identify innovation environments and study models for applying open innovation premises.

There are two main phases to the project: modeling, indexing and collecting data and the data-visualization in the form of an interactive App.

I am now looking for people who are willing to share some knowledge and experience in the do's and don'ts of these type of projects. Someone to bounce ideas of and to brainstorm with every now and then. 

We also want to start collecting the existing data, i.e.: members of the Appsterdam website, followers of the Appsterdam twitter account and members of the Appsterdam meetup page, Linkedin profile. Shortly after this first data collection, we plan to enrich our data set with a custom made survey, by expanding to other organizations and communities, by using data provided by AIM and data about the App Market. 

In phase 2 of the project (September) we will be setting up a team to create the application. 

We are looking for creative input:

If you are interested in data visualization projects and the process of turning data into meaning to raise awareness inspires you, i would love to have a coffee with you.

If you are a developer with past experience in data viz projects i would like to know what you think of the project and wether we could collaborate.

If you find the project interesting but you do not want to get personally involved please pass this information on to people that may be interested or introduce me to dataviz developers that would like to give their input to the 1st phase of the project.