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CIRCA is looking for a developer

Job Info
Data-modeling | data-mining 
We are looking for a developer to work together with the CIRCA team for a practice-based research project powered by UvA, AIM and Appsterdam.

Duration: 4 months
Type: Part-time
You will work independently, in collaboration with the other members of the team.
A workplace can be provided at either the UvA facilities or at the Appsterdam HQ.
Workflow is flexible as long as deliverables are on time.
There is a fixed budget available for this role. Terms and conditions will be negotiated.

Requirements - deliverables
Work on the design and implementation of a database containing data about the App ecosystem in Amsterdam.
Be responsible for the implementation of the data-model and for providing input and feedback on the design of the model.
Help retrieve data by mining the various APIs available (Twitter, Meetup.com, LinkedIn, etc.) and importing data from various delivered data sources (e.g. KvK, AIM).
Be provisioned in noSQL, database administration and at least one programming language (preferably Ruby) to expose a GUI to the database to the research team.
Be familiar with data visualization concepts and theory.
Prior dataviz project experience is a plus.

The CIRCA project
The project is developed under the framework of the Creative Industries Research Center Amsterdam (CIRCA), department of Humanities, UvA, coordinated by Prof. J. Simons and Dr. S. Olma. 
CIRCA collaborates with Appsterdam and AIM for creating an inventory of the App Ecosystem and use visualization techniques to provide insights on the data subsets generated. 
More info on the project on the CIRCA blog

Contact person
Olga Paraskevopoulou

Please send an email indicating your interest and include a CV or Portfolio. 
Or fill in the Appsterdam volunteer form