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Commons4EU contest for best civic and open data apps

Commons4EU is looking for apps (published or under development) that tackle city problems or make citizen everyday-life easier. Examples from the city of Amsterdam but also from another 6 EU cities will be showcased at an online wiki and the best will be selected and funded from the EU. 
Possible functions: Parks & Recreation, Citizen Services & Collective Action, Data Conversion, Budget & Finance, Administration, Health & Social Services,Transportation, Weather
Plz send an email to olga[at]appsterdam.rs with a short description of the app.
Initiative under the EU programme Commons4EU: Code Commons
7 cities are participating in Commons4EU: Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Helsinki, Manchester, Rome and UK-NESTA
The cities are working together for developing collaborative web projects following the methodology of Code for America by opening existing code in the participating cities and leveraging the European EPSI platform.
They should: – Be web/mobile applications. – Enable cities to connect with their constituencies in ways that reduce administrative cost and engage citizens more effectively. – Support the move toward transparency and collaboration. – Be shareable, meaning that an application built for one city could be used by any other city.
Inspiration and examples: