posted September 05 2012
on Appsterdam SF

How to Implement an Incremental Store in iOS

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How to Implement an Incremental Store by Matt Vaznaian from StackMob.

Implementing an Incremental Store:
Core Data, Apple’s object graph and data persistence framework, is an iOS developer’s recommended choice for local storage of an application’s data. Recently at StackMob we decided to redesign our SDK and chose Core Data as the foundation.  In this session, I’ll share how StackMob implemented a full Incremental Store, giving developers the ability to use Core Data while it directly accesses and persists data to StackMob’s mobile development platform via a REST-based API.
Matt’s Bio
After finishing his Computer Science degree at UC Berkeley, Matt found himself developing prototypes in the collaboration space at Cisco Systems.  It was here where he got started with iOS development.  Looking to take on new challenges, Matt pursued an opportunity to work at StackMob, a mobile development platform.  As the lead iOS developer, he took on the project of redesigning and their iOS SDK, focusing on robust functionality and ease of use.  He strives to take on new technical and design challenges as he iterates on and improves the SDK.  Living in beautiful San Francisco, Matt spends his free time exploring and enjoying all the great bars, restaurants and recreation the city has to offer.
Twitter @_mattvaz
StackMob is going to have office hours from 5:00 – 6:30 pm so people can come to the office and talk to their engineers. Register here.
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