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Kickstarting Business with Open Data


There’s been a lot of buzz about open data over the past couple of years in Amsterdam. The city has put significant investment and energy into making data available and raising awareness–through sponsored app contests, hackathons, forums, and software development kits.

These efforts are great for stimulating discussion about open data, and some interesting apps have been created. But actually making money with open data is still experimental, and we have yet to see truly viable businesses and products come from it.

So to help bring the open data potential to the next level, Appsterdam is launching Open for Business, an initiative to work with three local start-ups to support them in making successful businesses using open data.

Appsterdam is collaborating with the Waag Society and the Amsterdam Economic Board on the initiative, which kicked off last month with a lecture on Who’s Who in Open Data, a great primer on the open data resource landscape by the guys at Glimworm.

Over the next couple of months, NoobTools will profile and follow the progress of these start-ups on their journey to build companies using open data. Check back here for updates.

To get things started, check out this list of resources for finding and working with open data in Amsterdam and the rest of Europe. (Thanks to Matteo Manferdini and Glimworm for compiling the list.)


Update: check out the Open for Business startups:

Open for Business Profile: iKringloop

Open for Business Profile: Voradius

Open for Business Profile: Bike Like a Local