posted May 07 2013
on Robert Atkins

Let’s start a band!

“Hey, let’s start a band!”

“Cool, what instruments do you play?”

“I don’t play any instruments.”

“Oh, so you’re a singer?”

“No, I can’t sing.”

“Do you write songs?”


“What records have you produced?”


“Can you book us gigs?”

“No. I’m not a sound engineer, A&R person, tour operator, venue owner, merch supplier or roadie either… but I’ve got a really good idea for a band name!

Every app developer has had the above conversation with an enthusiastic but overly optimistic (and possibly misguided) person who’s got a “great app idea and they just need a dev to implement it”. It’s come up a few times at Meeten and Drinken and my preferred strategy is, as gently as possible, to disabuse our hopeful friend of the notion that it’s as easy, fast and cheap (!) as they think it is.

“What’s the best way to get my app built?”

“Offer a developer €150/hour to build it.”

“Oh, ah, well, what’s the second best way?”

“Offer €100/hour.”