posted October 29 2012

Mapping out the startup scene

A small team of us have been busy with the InnoViz research project. The InnoViz project tries to visualize the entrepreneurial activity and innovative synergies in the Amsterdam area and as such, Appsterdam is a great place to harvest data. We’re collecting a lot of interesting data from all the major sources (Linkedin, Meetup, Twitter) but we can always use more.

Right now we want to know more about actual digital companies in Amsterdam and how they are related to Appsterdam. That is why we are collaborating with StartupMap, a small webmap that shows where startups are located in the Netherlands.

If you are part of a startup (or even better: the founder of one!) then we encourage you to add your company to the website. Not only will it be good for your company to be listed in the research findings but it will also show how vibrant the tech community is in the Amsterdam Metropolitan area.

So go check out and let your company be known if you haven’t already. If you are interested in knowing more or getting involved click here.