Appsterdammers all over the globe.

OCO_tamar Individual

OCO is er voor elke vraag en mening van ouders en leerlingen over schoolgaan in Amsterdam 020 330 63 20
Mariken Gaanderse Individual

(Com)Passionate and curious! Owner of Fonkeling #changemaker #strategist #innovation #creativity #leadership #InternationalCooperation2.0 #UZ #Openforchange
Carl Lens Individual

Crowdsourcing | eParticipation | Identity
Verbeterdebuurt Individual

Verbeterdebuurt helpt buurten verbeteren. Meld bij ons wat er beter kan in jouw buurt en wij geven het door aan de gemeente. Heb je een iphone, download de app!
bendeburgers Individual

Wij zijn de koepelorganisatie voor eparticipatie intitiatieven.
SocialStrategyTalk Individual

SocialStrategyTalk verbindt, informeert en inspireert een enthousiaste community die aan de slag wil/is met Social Media.
CreativeCrowds Company

wij zijn een crowdsourcing bureau // concepten + strategie + community management //
edwin Individual

... things I love & loathe. May include foul language in both cases.
Martijn Verver Individual

Internet / Innovation / Snowboarding / Nike / Italian Suit in the Closet / Apple / Volvo / Social / Strategy @ Headline Interactive
Macha Roesink Individual

Director www.De, happy with,nonlineair,interdisciplinary, education, serendipity
ab-c media Individual

webbureau voor musea, archieven en monumenten Arjan, Wessel en Thomas twitteren
Innovattic Individual

TU Delft start-up - Developing apps for BBC, Dutch National Police, ESPN and BNR. iOS & Android.
  • Design
  • Development
  • Android
  • Ios
AR ? Individual

? Verified | Innovation | Social Media | Technology | Gadgets | Palm Pre 2 | Urban Connect | | Tactual | Amsterdam, NL | Rehab City, Cairo, Egypt
Sander Individual

Open Source Software, Android, Ubuntu, SABnzbd, en ... ? @druifontpitter
woutervegter Individual

Founder & Former Owner Freelance & Entrepreneur Rails,Android,C#. #Business, #strategy,#futurology,#philosophy,#coding,#dancing.
Stijn Oomes Individual

Computer Vision expert / developer / teacher

Co-Founder / Designer / Developer / Dreamer / Programmer / Everythinger at MovingLabs. Working on Observu, PicturePush, FlexLists and all our other ideas.
Gerhard Bos Individual

Eigenwijze (web)developer (iOS/Objective C, HTML5, PHP, MySQL, jQuery & Flash platform). Passies: developen, audio, Apple, snowboarden en hardlopen.
  • Development
  • Ios
  • Web
Argun Tekant Individual

Developer, entrepreneur, opera singer, and aspiring director. Being a busy bee building my iOS portfolio of apps and working on my next startup
  • Development
  • Ios
  • Windows
Jasper Mijdam Individual

IAM (interactieve media) student aan de HvA | webdesigner & developer @45north | Ruby On Rails | French house lover

Unifying the world app community in one amazing city.
  • Design
  • Development
  • Marketing
kick willemse Individual

Kick Willemse, supporter of open identity and opendata for optimal eServices, user consent. (paperless=papierloos)
Josta de Hoog Individual

researcher, citizen involvement, opendata, politix
Thijs Polfliet Individual

Bestuursadviseur ICT | Gemeente Amsterdam | Open Innovatie Festival-organisator | Ambtenaar 2.0 | Co-owner Social Zoo - cursussen social media
Dirk Geurs Individual

Reporting on society, technology and collaboration from the post-industrial age.
medialab020 Company

Digital Media, Education, Urban Screens, Urban Projections, Locative Media, Transmedia, Meaning of Media, Interactive Datavisualization
Remco Bleeker Individual

Ondernemer, pappa en triathleet!
Fleur Pullen Individual

Verbinder @ publieke sector op zoek naar manieren voor een slagvaardigere, efficiëntere, betere én innovatievere overheid...
Frank de Graaf Individual

A soon to be freelance software developer with a preference for web applications. Also enjoys TV series and hard electric music like hardstyle, schranz, etc.
Frank Putman Individual

software maker, project manager, entrepreneur. i love art, photography, cocoa, heavy riffs and other classical music.
  • Development
  • Management executive
  • Ios
Bruno Antunes Individual

I fight for the users
Nando Bennis Individual

xCode, C#,, Film, Animatie, Apps, Developing, Love, Desgn, Apple, Appevent, Twitter, Dashcode, Websites, Webapps, and Html
Justin Halsall Individual

CTO of Ruby on Rails Developer, Webstandards advocate & creator
Ronald Rood Individual

Oracle dba OCM (ACE)|Scout|Skydiver(grounded)|Biker|RC pilot (crashed)|Author|Happy father of 2|Wannabe iOS programmer|Solution Architect - in random order
Lennart Individual

Mobile|AJAX|Amsterdam|The Saints||
Serge Individual

iPhone developer at Hyves; aspiring Celtic folk music amateur, etc.
Pete Callaway Individual

Freelance iOS developer
  • Development
  • Ios
  • Osx
Dylan Evans Individual

IA | UX | UCD | XD | Content | Copy Writer | Musician. Under the bonnet: business modelling, research, and PM. Ask me about innovation - you'll be surprised.
  • Design
  • Management executive
  • Web
  • Ios
  • Android
  • Windows phone 7
  • Windows
Jason Harris Individual

Creating Spiffdiddlicious Software Since Before You Began Paying Attention
Job van der Meer Individual

Founder of @stdstickytape | Freelance webdeveloper | Wordpress expert
Graham Lee Individual

iPhone, iPad, Mac app security expert, software engineer, sideburn king. Owner of Fuzzy Aliens Ltd. Author of Professional Cocoa Application Security.
  • Development
  • Management executive
  • Ios
  • Osx
Tim Isted Individual

Book author for Pragmatic and AW, NSConference Co-Organizer, Developer, Musician, Consultant, and a few other things
David Mobach Individual

Intelligent systems R&D, Developer (Java/Web/Mobile), Gadgeteer

Dutch indie iOS developer and webdesigner. Co-founder of @applesapp and Working at @achmea.
  • Design
  • Development
  • Management executive
  • Web
  • Ios
Victor Individual

Développeur front-end de 25 ans. #Gobelins CDNL 2011. Paris.
Emil Loer Individual

independent mac, iOS and web developer, consultant, public speaker, jazz musician
Axel Roest Individual

My left brain is a Mac, iOS, script developer, my right brain has a passion for hardware hacking.
  • Development
  • Ios
  • Osx
Diederik Hoogenboom Individual

OS X/iOS Developer | Creator of DiskLibrary for Mac | Freelancer
  • Development
  • Ios
  • Osx
SanneW Individual

©1978 Starting up @Mobylizr | media & comm. prof. | digitalista | fashionista | musicaholic | medianatic | socialitic | @Stellaw4k's mum | @oli4k's wife | #023
Fanny Evers Individual

Communiceert vrijwel dag en nacht. Als freelance adviseur, sparringspartner, enthousiaste stuiterbal en bij @muscom_nl.