Appsterdammers all over the globe.

Peter van Zijl Individual

entrepreneur, innovator - always in for a good idea!
Igor Sutton Individual

Developer at and wannabe entrepreneur in the Mac indie scene.
  • Development
  • Web
  • Ios
  • Osx
Drew McCormack Individual

Principal Mental Case.
Mrs. iPat ? Individual

App-venturer | Shoeaholic | FoodSnob | CarFreak| tweetshopping @GetThatShoe | App-etiser | The best will do: daily hunt for pointless & other Lifestyle Apps.
Sam Warnaars Individual

SanomaMedia | Former NOS New Media | Mobile | Emerging platforms | Mobile Monday Amsterdam | 3D Printing | Quest 50 | Replace fear of the unknown with curiosity
Steven van Wel Individual

I'm a nerd & runner, born in 1982. Founder of Marvia. You have to be prepared for success. Design for Failure.
Jerre Lubberts Individual

Multiple realities & common themes. Livemindmapper, Kitesurfer,VisualThinker,ChangeAgent,Barista,Trainer,Hypershifter,Entrepreneur & Citizen World Of Minds
James Bryan Graves Individual
  • Development
  • Web
  • Ios
  • Osx
Dominiek ter Heide Individual

CTO & Co-founder of Bottlenose Inc (stealth). I build Smartups and ride the wave of accelerating change.
Peter van Sabben Individual

Inquisitive strategist with passion for creativity, mobile and entrepreneurship | Challenging the status quo! | Currently working for Red Bull BPM
sandra karis Individual

Creative strategist and UI/UX designer. Loves Apple, cooking and Amsterdam. No artificial sweeteners. & part of Sanoma Media's Mobile team.
Jons Janssens Individual

Entrepreneur on the business side of technology • I founded @marvia • I like to start, build & change things • I collect vintage bank notes •
Hans van Gent Individual

pure optimist, passionate internet professional, blogger @ Belgian Cowboys, chief epicness Netherlands @ Jong Tuig and project manager @ Emakina