Appsterdammers all over the globe.

Floris Verloop Individual

Interface Designer • Ghostly Fanboy • Gamer
  • Design
Mathijs Bernson Individual

Web-ontwikkelaar, leerling op het Mediacollege Amsterdam.
Tom Ravesloot Individual

Student Communication and Multimedia Design in Leeuwarden. Individual

Experts op het gebied van #seriousgames, trainingsspellen, originele spelconcepten, bedrijfsspellen & tv-spellen.
Hubert Iwaniuk Individual

Don't Panic, Clojure fanboy, Kitesurfer, OpenSourcer, Asynchronous HTTP
Remco Wendt Individual

Entrepreneur living in Amsterdam who knows a computer trick or two. Tweeting about: Django, Python and Technology in general.
Willem Verkerk Individual

Star Mobile Interaction Designer for IceMobile & MUSE.
  • Design
Remco Frijling Individual

Telecom professional, Amsterdam EMEA region, Internet, CDN and Broadcast
Martijn Individual

Student Hanze CS • Voetballer • Snooze-koning • Owner @YellowFrog • Web & mobile design • #winning
  • Design
jannekeboerman Individual

Eigenaar juridisch adviesbureau @Mijneigenjurist | Projectdeveloper @Kennisalliantie | organisator idftm events @Hangar_36 | altviolist bij Continuo r'dam
Joris Goos Individual

Phd Student @ Microbleeds, South Parkateer, Ableton amateur, Minimalist runner, Maximalist Huisvader. Deep, raw, energetic and warm electronic music lover.
Vincent Oord Individual

Developer at Eduhub. Part-time adventurer.
Sebastiaan Kooijman Individual

A student, entrepreneur, iPhone enthusiast, dev and a lot more. Check for more!
Jelle Individual

Jelle Ages | Havist | D66 (Alkmaar) | iPhone Developer | Redacteur OMT | iPad | iPhone 4 | iMac |
Rick Curé Individual

Student Business Administration @ Erasmus University Rotterdam || Freelance Webdesigner || Interested in entrepreneurship and internet technology
Victor van Doorn Individual

Social not working expert.
  • Management executive
  • Ios
Dynaloo Media Individual

#iOS App development | Web applications | Founder of the Queensday iPhone app
IceMobile Individual

IceMobile is a full service mobile agency
marc schoneveld Individual

Parttime medewerker gemeente Amsterdam - tweets op persoonlijke titel. Fan van #openinnovatie en van #opendata en van #
Floris van Alkemade Individual

Seed and early stage investor in IT companies
jonathan wisler Individual
  • Management executive
  • Android
  • Osx
  • Web
  • Webos
KeesjanDeelstra Individual

SEO consultant, author Dutch SEO & search Book, SEO tools, seo software, internet marketing, linkbuilding, social media
Oliver Individual

Looking for a 4-day social media challenge. Already ? social media professionally as editor-in-chief @tedxams and co-owner @nameshapers.
Thom Hoekstra Student

Student Communication & Multimedia Design
  • Design
  • Development
  • Web
  • Ios
Wouter van Doorn Individual

crazy about @EllisvdenBosch, daddy, surf 's up, online communication & branding, digital storytelling, AR & QR, digital producer @DPINewMedia
PvF Individual

MDD aka Peter von Frosta aka Stephan Diederich
M. Calmão Baptista Individual

Student Nieuwe Media @UvA_Amsterdam | Social Media addict | Webdesigner | Conceptor | Online Marketeer |
Thijs Gitmans Individual

@PeakCapitalNL, Brand New Day, Ajax, Nijmegen-Groningen-Amsterdam, Piet Boot, Apple, Spotify, Cowboy Henk, Eten-drinken-eten, New ventures
Almar van der Krogt Individual

I'm living la vie virtuelle. Created
  • Management executive
  • Ios
carlosmouter Individual

CS Student, web, python, django, objective-c. Ik doe ook analoge dingen zoals slapen, eten en tuinieren.
Reinier Ladan Individual

Designer. Enjoys music, movies and Apple. Co-founder Usevine. Usability, webdesign, interface design, user experience, interactive media, ux, CMD alumnus.
  • Design
Stefan Borsje Individual

Dordrecht, The Netherlands | co-founder (PR 2.0 / social media) & (social e-commerce) | webdeveloper (Ruby on Rails)
  • Development
  • Management executive
  • Web
Remmelt Koenes Individual

Software Engineer from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Currently working as an iOS developer.
  • Development
  • Ios
  • Osx
Peter van Zijl Individual

entrepreneur, innovator - always in for a good idea!
Igor Sutton Individual

Developer at and wannabe entrepreneur in the Mac indie scene.
  • Development
  • Web
  • Ios
  • Osx
Drew McCormack Individual

Principal Mental Case.
Mrs. iPat ? Individual

App-venturer | Shoeaholic | FoodSnob | CarFreak| tweetshopping @GetThatShoe | App-etiser | The best will do: daily hunt for pointless & other Lifestyle Apps.
Sam Warnaars Individual

SanomaMedia | Former NOS New Media | Mobile | Emerging platforms | Mobile Monday Amsterdam | 3D Printing | Quest 50 | Replace fear of the unknown with curiosity
Steven van Wel Individual

I'm a nerd & runner, born in 1982. Founder of Marvia. You have to be prepared for success. Design for Failure.
Jerre Lubberts Individual

Multiple realities & common themes. Livemindmapper, Kitesurfer,VisualThinker,ChangeAgent,Barista,Trainer,Hypershifter,Entrepreneur & Citizen World Of Minds
James Bryan Graves Individual
  • Development
  • Web
  • Ios
  • Osx
Dominiek ter Heide Individual

CTO & Co-founder of Bottlenose Inc (stealth). I build Smartups and ride the wave of accelerating change.
Peter van Sabben Individual

Inquisitive strategist with passion for creativity, mobile and entrepreneurship | Challenging the status quo! | Currently working for Red Bull BPM
sandra karis Individual

Creative strategist and UI/UX designer. Loves Apple, cooking and Amsterdam. No artificial sweeteners. & part of Sanoma Media's Mobile team.
Jons Janssens Individual

Entrepreneur on the business side of technology • I founded @marvia • I like to start, build & change things • I collect vintage bank notes •