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Mobile App Development Survey: prize winners and results

The Mobile App Development Survey by Appsterdam and Enterprise App Store has closed!

Thank you all for participating and helping us collect data for our very first survey in the mobile development realm!

We are happy to announce the winners of the prizes

The first prize, an iPad mini, goes to

1. Wytze Schouten from Amsterdam

And the Store Vouchers go to:

1. Edward Patel from Stockholm
2. Sergei Cherepanov from Saint Petersburg
3. Jeffrey Berthiaume from Huntington Beach
4. Ivan Vasic from Amsterdam
5. Karlo Kristensen from Copenhagen

Congratulations guys and thank you for participating!

About the survey results

Results are based on an online survey over a period of 5 weeks. The survey was disseminated mainly via the Appsterdam, Appril and Enterprise App Store communication channels and received 140 responses. 

Main profile characteristics of the sample we collected*:

Respondents are between 30-34 years old (25.4%), male (94.2%), with a Bachelor's Degree (41.6%). They develop apps for generating revenue via contract or commissioned development (35.1%). 

Mobile is their primary source of income (64.7%) and the vast majority have already released an App (86.4%).

Although a big part of our sample (41.7 %) is currently employed by a company, they also tend to develop their own Apps (64.4%).

One third of our respondents is located in The Netherlands.

*based on response percentages

Some stats and numbers:

1] Platform usage and preference.

Looking at the survey results, there is no doubt that the iOS platform is used the most and is considered the best platform to develop for by the majority (92.4%) of respondents.

2] Number of App downloads for most successful and average App release.

Developers do not always have access to such data or they do not keep track of contracting client’s downloads. 

According to the survey results, the number of downloads per average App release is relatively low. 

The table below shows that the number of downloads on average release does not exceed the 1000 threshold. It is interesting that over 60% of the respondents say that their App does not go further than 5.000 downloads.

As for the most successful App release, for 45% of the respondents the number goes up to 10.000 downloads.

3] Affiliation with networks and communities in the Mobile App Development scene

There are many tech communities and groups that developers join to get connected, share knowledge, get ideas for future products and ask their peers for reviews and advice. 

One of the most popular networks according to the respondents is Appsterdam (83%).

For more information you may contact the author

Olga Paraskevopoulou is a researcher and operations manager working with public and private organizations on digital technology projects. She is currently based in Amsterdam, designing and producing pilot projects, events and workshops powered by Appsterdam, the Waag society, the University of Amsterdam (UvA-CIRCA) and the Amsterdam Economic Board. She holds a MSc on Political Communication and New Technologies from the University of Athens and a MA on New Media and Digital Culture from the University of Amsterdam. 

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