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Posted Apr 20, 2011 on blog, author Mike Lee

If you want to make movies, go to Hollywood. If you want to make musicals, go to Broadway. If you want to make apps, go to Appsterdam.

Patent trolls beware: app makers partnering up with legal community

Posted June 5, 2012 by Ars Technica

The Appsterdam Legal Defense team was started in August of 2011 by a group of iOS developers in response to growing patent threats by non-practicing entities (NPEs).

Amsterdam: the app maker’s heaven on earth

Posted on AIB

App designers from all over the globe gathered in Amsterdam on the 25 and 26 June 2011 to share ideas and develop new mobile applications at one of the Appsterdam summer events.

Mike Lee – The Road to Appsterdam (video)

Posted Dec 19, 2011 by channel9

Interview with Mike Lee on Appsterdam at YOW! Developer Conference 2011 Melbourne. “For app makers and product engineers, we have one API: What do you need?”

Want to spend 3 months in Amsterdam? Sign up here

Posted Dec 15, 2011 by VentureBeat, author Ciara Byrne

Think Amsterdam, and “startup hub” isn’t the first thing that springs to mind, but that may be about to change. Not one, but two startup accelerators just opened for business in the Dutch capital. Throw in the burgeoning Appsterdam movement, the world-class local creative industry and the unique Amsterdam “vibe,” and you get an intriguing mix for startup founders.

Appsterdam, A Haven for Indie Developers

Posted June 27, 2011 by VentureBeat, author Ciara Byrne

It’s hard to get the famously phlegmatic Dutch excited but Mike Lee had a room full of them (and other nationalities) clapping and whooping Saturday in the style of an old-school preacher. Why? Appsterdam, Lee’s attempt to create a new home for app makers in city of Amsterdam.

Appsterdam Legal Foundation: Operation Anthill Legal Summit

Posted Sep 19, 2011 on SPECTRE mailing list for media art and culture in Europe, author Olga Paraskevopoulou

Conflicting dynamics within the mobile ecosystem question its future and whether it will leverage a proprietary paradigm or innovation should stem from collaborative and communal efforts making use of open systems and open source software. Open innovation refers to the ways companies can benefit from distributed knowledge, external ideas and external routes to market. This informs the idea that most successful innovation happens not as a linear process but in environments which encourage the circulation of ideas and approaches.

Inspiration stage: Mike Lee – Appsterdam

Posted Sep 30, 2011 on 1%CLUB Blog, author Bertil van Vugt

Mike would like to see many American developers to move to Amsterdam for a work-holiday or for a year. “Even if nobody moved here, just having everyone in our industry come to one place for part of their year adds up to a net community strong enough to attract people, launch new ideas, and fuel sustainable growth,” he says. Read his blog-post where is explaining his decision to make the move to Amsterdam.

App Genius Mike Lee Talks Product Engineering

Posted Sep 20, 2011 on ReadWriteEnterprise, author Joe Brockmeier

Finally, Lee closed the talk by promoting Appsterdam as a project, and Amsterdam (his home) as a place to live and work. The Netherlands, says Lee, “is a really well-run country” full of nerds. “Even the non-nerdiest Dutch person is nerdier than the average American.”

Mike Lee and Brian LeRoux on Mobile Development, Patents, Cross Platform UIs(video)

Posted Dec 22, 2011 on InfoQ, author Werner Schuster

Mike Lee and Brian LeRoux discuss how patents affect app developers and approaches to keep away patent trolls. Also: when to choose native GUIs over web GUIs for mobile apps – and when not.

Appsterdam: building a haven for app developers in Amsterdam

Posted Jun 28, 2011 on TUAW, author Kelly Hodgkins

Mike Lee “chose Amsterdam for his new Appsterdam project after traveling the world looking at prospective cities. It has the right combination of affordability and is centrally located in Europe. Amsterdam, he notes, is already filled with creative and marketing people.”

360iDev: Mike Lee talks about mariachi, project engineering and Appsterdam

Posted Sep 13th, 2011 at TUAW, author Mike Schramm

And finally, Lee went into an extended pitch for Appsterdam, a venture he’s trying to put together in Amsterdam for mobile and app developers. Lee suggested that not only is the Netherlands city a great place for developers and programmers to go and work, but Amsterdam itself is a great place for Americans to live, promising the audience at 360iDev that the country offered universal health care, net neutrality and even marriage equality to anyone willing to move out there with him. He even extolled the local library, saying, “it’s like the library was built by Apple out of Ikea,” suggesting that developers there come out and see it (and imagine their children growing up there).

Holland Herald: Silicon Canals

Posted Sep 3th, 2012 at Holland Herald, Author Mark Smith

Rejecting the notion of app building as a diverse and remote network of geeks in their bedrooms, Lee insists that his vision, “to create the world’s most advanced infrastructure for app makers”, needed a physical destination for the meeting of minds.