posted June 27 2012
on Paul Darcey

Volunteers’ Night

Last night, Appsterdam had its first Volunteers Night, which was organised by Merel Ivens. It was a great night, with new volunteers turning up, and those of us who have been volunteering for a while sharing our experiences.

Here’s what I had to say:

My name is Paul Darcey, I’m Australian, and the CEO of Appsterdam.

About a year ago, I came here to see what Appsterdam was really about. It was just after WWDC and I came for Appsterdam’s Launch Party. I was blown away to see so many app makers from all over the world had come here for the Launch Party. And I thought to myself, “This is actually happening! This isn’t just a bunch of guys with an idea and hype and nothing else. All those people proved that Amsterdam was actually capable of becoming ‘the best place in the world to be an app maker.’”

So I stayed.

I started going to the Meeten & Drinkens and the Lunchtime Lectures. That turned out to be a great way to meet people and get to know them. And I started asking if there was anything I could do to help out but at the time I got no real response…

Eventually, in the lead up to Picnic last September, I was asked to help out with Appsterdam’s presence there. After that, I got asked more and more to help with various things. I must have done something right (or terribly, terribly wrong!) because in March Mike asked me if I could stand in as CEO for him while he was in Taiwan on vacation for a month. I figured, “It’s only for a month; I won’t have to do much, everything’s under control” so I said yes.

Then, a couple of days later, he came back and asked if I’d take the role permanently. So I’m stuck with it!

All this is to say, that if you start volunteering, in about 6 months, you too could be CEO of Appsterdam! It worked for me.

Because we’re such a young organisation, we basically need people for everything. Check out our site for things that need to be done, or come see me, Merel, Klaas or Gavin.