Why Amsterdam?

What Appsterdammers say about Amsterdam:


The best place in the world to be and become an App Maker.

If you want to make movies, go to Hollywood.
If you want to make musicals, go to Broadway.
If you want to make apps, go to Appsterdam.

Mike Lee, Mayor and founder of Appsterdam

Our goal is to bring app makers together, and our mission is to support their interests worldwide. We established Amsterdam as the capital of Appsterdam – the world capital of apps – to establish a centre of gravity for our industry, to provide a place where all app makers can gather, and to create a framework for people to give back and support the community.

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Nerderlands 2016

Appsterdam is the capital of the Nerderlands. We organized a new festival for the international tech scene, from 15-21 August in Amsterdam. Passion and pleasure combined!

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Appsterdam Smart City Challenge

65 Hackers, 48 hours of coding in the Appsterdam ArenA. Here are the results:

“Who pays Watt” wins the Toon Hackathon! – March 6th – 8th

Appsterdam co-organized the Toon Smart Thermostat Hackathon. Over 60 developers created a new application for Toon. After 2 days of inspiration and coding, they presented 14 prototypes to the Jury. Robin van Wijngaarden, Bart Dunweg, Bram Schulting en Krijn Rijshouwen won the hackathon with an app giving house mates insight in there individual energy usage and contribute according to consumption. Here is a  report (in Dutch)!


Appsterdam Events

Appsterdam hosts a number of recurring events.

Our entire program is on With the key events below you can set your clocks:

Meeten & Drinken


A weekly bar meetup for all Appsterdammers to socialize and get to know each other.The time is always Wednesdays at 19.00 and the place is always Café Bax .

Weekly Wednesday Lunchtime Lectures


A forum for knowledge exchange in a casual environment. All Appsterdammers are encouraged to present a topic they’re familiar with. We cover everything from writing clean code, interaction design, marketing, to paying taxes; every Appsterdammer has something to share!

Guru Sessions

Our hands-on workshops are led by experts from within the community. We’ve covered many subjects such as Test-Driven Development, Making Games for Android, iOS for Beginners, and more.

Weekend Fun and Game Days

These monthly events are open to people of all ages and gives Appsterdammers a chance to network around something other than work. We have game days and trips to local attractions. Invite everyone you know!

Before Appsterdam was Appsterdam

Watch this near-Hollywood adaptation of the story of the founding of Appsterdam with some familiar faces.