Appsterdam hosts some great weekly meetups to meet, learn & discover. There is something for everyone – check out the descriptions below and join us on the red Meetup link titles below. 

Overview of Appsterdam Events

Appsterdam Coffee Coding

Your Host

Maike Warner
Maike Warner

Day: Every Saturday from 10am-12pm

Location: The Coffee Room – Kinkerstraat 110 – Amsterdam


Whether you are a seasoned programmer or learning to code, wouldn’t it be cool to run by your challenge with another programmer when you get stuck? Or you have questions, or simply want to be in the environment of other like-minded friends while you work on your project?

Appsterdam Business Chat

Your Host

Mike Lee

Day: Every Wednesday 12:30-1:30pm

Location: Online (join via Meetup button below)


I will schedule an hour to chat with you about what you’re trying to do, and what advice I can offer. I’ve spoken to thousands of people all over the world, and I’ve noticed some patterns. Most people think that a lack of investment money is what is holding them back, but the real problem is that people think about business the wrong way. Everyone is welcome regardless of technical knowledge.

Weekly Meeten en Drinken

Your Hosts

Wesley De Groot

Day: Every Wednesday 19:00-22:00pm

Location: Cafe Bax – Kinkerstraat 119 – Amsterdam


If you feel like it’s time to start slowly getting used to being social again, maybe you’d like to warm up with your fellow makers, nerds, and other technology enthusiasts, who might better understand your specific interests and social style.

Guru Sessions

Your Host

Tom van Arman

Day: Upon Request

Location: The New Base Kattenburgerstraat 5 Amsterdam


Do you have a killer app, framework, SDK, API or plugin that you want to share with our community? Contact Tom if you want to host a Guru Session or hands on workshop. These sessions are usually held on the weekend afternoon or evening.