Previous Events


For over 10 years, Appsterdam has organized some awesome events from large scale hackathons, to big tech events and our community has attended many local coding conferences.


Appsterdam has hosted some of the most famous hackathons for the city and Amsterdam regional partners. Our large network of passionate developers have provided some serious solutions tackling big issues like mobility, smart energy and civic tech.

Amsterdam Smart City Hackathon


In June 2015, Amsterdam welcomed hundreds of participants from around the world to interact, engage, network, and learn why Amsterdam is quickly becoming Europe’s smartest city in the word. There was no better way to demonstrate this then with a Smart City Hackathon where real teams develop real solution to real urban problems in realtime!

This 48 hour hackathon took place at the Amsterdam ArenA where 15 teams developed Smart City solutions for energy, user experience and crowd mobility for its ongoing sporting events, concert & dance festivals. The goal for this event is was to showcase Amsterdam Smart City providing real solutions to real area problems, while working together with its partners in the local tech & business communities.

Museum Night Hackathon


Amsterdam is thriving. Any given year over 16 million tourists are in Amsterdam using the same streets, squares and parks as it’s residents.

Our great city hosts in excess of 300 cultural festivals every year. These civic gatherings create more and more challenges to maintain the harmony between Amsterdam residents and it’s tourists.

In 2016 Appsterdam was the proud organizer the N8 Hackathon!

The Museum Night Foundation called all Appsterdammers to help find new ideas, tools and technologies for improving mobility, navigation and crowd management in the city. All app developers, start-ups, designers and other creative minds are welcome to join this unique event and make Amsterdam a even better city for people to live, work and visit.

Toon Smart Energy Hackathon



Toon® is a smart Thermostat that enables you to communicate with various appliances around the house.

In 2015, Appsterdam organized the Toon® Open API Hackathon giving smart energy developers access to Toon smart thermostats & real-time energy data connected to smart home devices, services and apps.

The Appsterdam community of hackers developed projects that allowed Toon to connect with any device, open data source, and cloud-based service you want (like the open API’s of Google, NS, or Philips Hue). Do you want to synchronize Toon with your online calendar? Keep track of the average time spent under the shower? Or, advise home owners about insulation? Do you want to work with wearables, geofencing, and data-analysis? Teams came up with working and scaleable solutions.