Client Work Guide

Appsterdammer Samuel Goodwin writes about some important things to consider when doing client work.

Diffable Datasources

Appsterdammer Kaira Diagne writes about the new diffable datasources coming in iOS 13.

Introduction to Appsterdam

Appsterdam is a non-profit foundation that helps app makers help app makers – welcoming all platforms and experience levels.

Many of us in the software profession come from a tradition of giving back to the community, and Appsterdam lets us do that more effectively. With our unified brand, established network, and tax-deductible status we turn individual efforts into collective infrastructure.

What does that mean for you?

Whether you’re local or visiting, new or established, deeply knowledgable or merely curious — it all starts with Meeten en Drinken.

Appsterdam began when a group of app makers started meeting on Wednesday nights to have dinner and drinks at Cafe Bax in the historic Old West. The movement grew, but we never stopped meeting there, week after week, year after year.

All are welcome — including non-technical people whose work is being affected by technology and who would like to talk to someone about it. People start showing up after 19.00. The staff know us well and can point us out to you.

We also have a daytime meetup on Wednesdays in our space at A Lab just across the river from Centraal Station. Appsterdam Business Chat is a much smaller, much quieter affair — a chance to introduce yourself and seek advice from an established member.

Many of us find social situations trying, especially when you don’t know anybody yet. If you think you might find the Meeten en Drinken too intimidating, start with the Business Chat.

We also have a free open workspace at A Lab, so if you’re coming from outside Amsterdam, you can bring your laptop and work there for the day, get acquainted at the Business Chat, then end your day at Meeten en Drinken.

If you’re new to the city, A Lab is a great place to get started. Not only can you work there for free, you’ll be surrounded by a carefully curated collection of interesting startups and social events — including Appsterdam’s own board game night.

For the technical side of things, we have Appsterdam Peer Lab on Saturday mornings. This is your chance to get code-level help from other app makers, and sharpen your own skills by helping others.

Finally there’s our Secret Sports Club, whose events are not listed on meetup, but only through word of mouth. Interests include skating, swimming, and working out — and coming soon: kendo!