Meeten en Drinken (Saturday edition)

Hosted by Appsterdam




Sat 04-12-2021 12:00




Cafe Bax

Ten Katestraat 119, Amsterdam

*Because of the new COVID rules, cafés need to close at 17:00, which means no weekly meteen and drinken, so we made a Saturday edition, directly after Coffee Coding, we’ll hope to see you at Bax on Saturday*

Join us in the cozy cafe where Appsterdam was born, at an earlier than usual time, to enjoy their legendary terrace and its ongoing attempts to comply with an ever-shifting landscape of rules — something many App Makers will understand!

Yes, even after ten long years and a pandemic, this is still the place for you to meet your fellow Appsterdammers, get to know members of the community, meet a potential business partner, bring your app to share with others, exchange ideas with like-minded people… No talks are ever scheduled and everyone is always welcome to join.

Be sure to ask the waitress/waiter about their seasonal beers and grab a snack to share with your friends. All Appsterdammers get 10% off the entire bill, so order whatever you want to eat/drink. Then sit back and enjoy the company of your peers.