Flutter Quick Start

Hosted by Appsterdam




Thu 08-12-2022 18:00




PINCH | App developer Amsterdam | Android, iOS en Flutter

Sloterkade 41-H, Amsterdam

If you are a coder, business developer or UX/UI designer you’ve probably heard of Flutter. Flutter is an open source framework to build, test, and deploy beautiful mobile, web, desktop, and embedded apps. Appsterdammer Fellow James Bennett is a software engineer and mobile app developer make who will introduce you to the basics of Flutter.

Join us for beer, pizza and basic Flutter coding!


**Session Overview**

This presentation is a shortcut to building cross-platform Flutter apps: iOS, Android, web, and even desktop! You’ve probably built UI and made API calls before, so how is this best done in Flutter?

We’ll discuss the motivations for using Flutter over its competitors. We’ll show what the developer needs to know about how it works. Then there will be a step by step coding walk-through, which shows how to avoid common mistakes.

By the end, you’ll have a full understanding of how one codebase can be written for an excellent user experience on all platforms, along with best practices for state management and networking. You’ll also have access to the codebase of the performant sample app we’ll create. You’ll have what’s needed to build Flutter projects elegantly.