Landing on a app job in Holland, tips & tricks

Hosted by Appsterdam




Wed 31-05-2023 16:00





If you are new to the Netherlands and want to learn more about working in NL, sign up for this meetup. In a 45-minute session, I will tell you about the Dutch app landscape. What we are building in NL, where to find most companies and what to look out for when applying. There is room to ask a few questions.

**The topics I cover**

* The market/the companies

* What is important now if you want to work here

* Who are the movers & shakers in the app field

* Salary

**I don’t explain**

* How to get a visa.

* Who are the companies that provide a visa

**Tips after the session**

After the session, I share resume tips Information about finding a job Overview of Dutch meetups in the field of app development And our communities Active developers and blogs.

**Who is this session for?**

Anyone who develops, designs or markets apps, junior, medior and senior.

**About me / my network**

Founder of The House of Appril & the Apprill Festival, a connector at heart. First as the initiator for the grassroots event Appril festival, where I connect people, knowledge and inspiration.

From the festival and an ever growing network of talented developers and clients eventually grew The House of Appril. With The House of Appril I’m supporting organisations expanding their

team by matching the right freelancer, employee, or independent contractor. Firmly rooted in the Dutch app community, my network contains what you need to speed up the development of

your app. Next to this I record podcasts with app developers and I’m an active member of Appsterdam. I thrive on meeting and connecting people who combine great ideas with the skills

and drive to realise them.

**Follow me at:** @Missappril @apprilfestival @houseofappril