Your resume ends up in the pile, you do this to avoid it [for app developers]

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Wed 23-08-2023 16:00





Your resume ends up in the pile, you do this to avoid it

app CV tips & Tricks from Jacqueline

Getting an interview can be difficult, the competition is high. If you are an app developer and thinking about a new job, don’t forget to check your resume if it is up to date, does it represent you on paper? It’s just a paper, you could think, of course it is, it probably represents only 40% of who you really are as a person, as a developer. But, the paper could be your way to open a door at the company you like, so better be right the first time they see your “business card.”

If you want to learn more about creating a good resume, sign up for this meetup. In a 20-minute session, I will tell you about the content and who to present it to. Sign up with your resume and you get feedback right away. Don’t be shy, creating a good one could be difficult, so let’s discuss and learn from each other. We have room to ask a few questions.

**You get**

\- Get tips and hacks to improve yours

\- Feedback on your resume

\- Learn from others

\- We share the resume tips format from The House of appril

**Who is this session for?**

Anyone who is into the creation of apps: developer, designer, PO’s, junior, medior and senior.

**Want to join the session?**

Send me your CV upfront and one of two social media profiles you use. Send it to: [[masked]](mailto:[masked])