Partner Event (Appril): Mobile Lunch Utrecht

Hosted by Appsterdam




Tue 23-04-2024 12:15




Spaces – House Modernes

Lange Viestraat 2b, Utrecht

Are you searching for an organization that can build, design, or assist with the launch of your app? Are you seeking specialists who are knowledgeable about the development process, whether it be low code, native, or web? Then come to our Mobile Lunch in Utrecht. Here, you can network extensively with professionals developing apps in the Utrecht region. We anticipate a mix of professionals from the app industry, from founders and developers to designers. This networking lunch is casual and unpretentious. If you find it intriguing, come a little earlier and sign up for the session on AI and dementia. After lunch, we’ll have a presentation on how to utilize ChatCTP for your users.

## The Menu

**Healthy Lunch**

Soup of the day, a salad bar, and fresh options:

Chef’s salad of the day

Smoothie of the day

Roll with Dutch “kroket” and mustard

Quiche of the day

Fresh orange juice and detox water, fruits

Drinks like coffee and tea are included


If you are vegetarian or have any allergies, please let us know in advance, email: [[masked]](mailto:[masked])

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