Appsterdam and the Waag introduce ‘Appsterdam Open Space, powered by the Waag’ (OpenSpace).
OpenSpace offers individuals the chance to host their own tech related event.
Appsterdam and the Waag provide all facilities, communication and infrastructure needed to host a high quality evening on a topic of your choice in one of the cities oldest and most beautiful buildings, the Waag on Nieuwmarkt.
You will provide the format, speakers and topic. We provide the rest.

How does it work:

Every third monday of the month the Waag building opens its doors to a one-of event.
You submit your format on

  • Event name
  • Event description
  • Event format (presentation, workshop, etc.)
  • Event promotional text
  • Why your event should be hosted
  • Requirements
  • Speaker list

Ten days before the event the winner will be picked and announced.
Appsterdam and Waag will have a one hour session with you to go over the details of your event to give tips and pointers.
The Waag and Appsterdam will start pushing the event on their channels (website, twitter, facebook, etc.) for 10 days.
You get access to the Waag building 1.5 hours before your event to prepare.
Doors open and your event is a fact.
One hour before the event ends pizzas will arrive.
End of event, everlasting glory.

What do we provide on the evening:

10 Pizzas
8 crates of beer
2 crates of soft drinks
5 bags of potato chips
1 beamer
1 camera
2 microphones
50 chairs


Both Waag and Appsterdam share a goal in putting Amsterdam on the map as the new tech capital of the Europe and the world.
We strongly believe that providing open frameworks is an effective way to build and strengthen a community.
Give people the means and they will make it into what they need it to be.
Giving people the means to contribute to ecosystem of quality tech events is yet another way to engage people in the community.

Hosting a quality event can prove to be a costly exercise.
How do you get a venue? How to you promote your event? How do get a sponsor? What does it cost?
By helping people to setup their first event and plugging them into our infrastructure we believe we will create new group of highly engaged contributors to our community.
We get to know the people with ideas, get an idea of what kind of events the community is looking for.
Help people to be successful by sharing our knowledge, experience and network and create the next community leaders.

We all benefit.


In order to run these monthly events will require some funding.
The Waag and Appsterdam can provide the facilities, infrastructure, knowledge and network to ensure quality events.
We are looking for sponsors to help us make this possible.
Since we feel it is corporate which in the end benefits from a strong community we feel we should be looking for sponsorships here.
We are looking for a sponsor who will guarantee the base cost of the event for one year.

These cost are:

  • Venue
  • Hours spend before, during and after the event
  • Website
  • Besides one overall sponsor we would like to give smaller sponsors to attach their name to the individual events by providing Foods and beverages and any specific costs which need to be made for a particular event.

We currently estimate the costs to run OpenSpace for one year at €42.000.