Jacqueline de Gruijter

Jacqueline de Gruijter

For the past 10 years Jacqueline de Gruyter has been immersed in the world of mobile apps.
As the founder and programmer of the Appril festival she built connections between the crème de la crème of the Dutch app scene.

She invited inspiring speakers to talk about all aspects of realizing an app: from idea, design and coding, to the final launch.
With her work, she brings together technical and non-technical experts and stimulates innovation.

Since 2019, she has been working on both the App festival ‘Appril’. Together with Ivo Jansch she has been involved with organising Appdevcon, an event for app developers with software development as the central focus.

Jacqueline’s work is about inspiring, connecting and growing as an professional.
From developing a training course, a soft skill training, app festival programming or resumé improvement

Good craftsmanship and new, innovative ideas motivate her. Whether it’s the design of a wooden chair, a painting or a technical solution. 

The last few years Jacqueline has also focused on supporting app professionals with finding new jobs or projects.
She also organised a ‘soft skills’ program for app developers, focused on developing additional skills important in furthering their career. 

She has also been active in creating podcasts with the app community and committing her time to Appsterdam finding new partnerships.

Do you like to connect with her or her network, ask a question or plan an online meeting?

Feel free to contact her at: jacqueline@appsterdam.rs